About Us




Phantom Office Furniture, is a supplier in office furniture, also office chairs, that was found and established in 2005, this must say something about us, with 15 years experience in the field of all office furniture. We know office furniture and we want your office furniture to say something about you as a company and about you as person of the furniture you use for yourself or for your office, we also want to make the mark in your office to send out the way you work and running your business and office.

Office furniture must create a warmth and comfortable and most important a high welcome introduction and comfort ability in your office and the surrounding offices when you are visited by your clients. With the office furniture supplied by phantom office furniture from our well known manufacturers, we will decorate your office or office’s with a unbelievable look with our design/s, it will also make a great introduction. Before you can introduce yourself to your client the impression must already be set with the choice of office furniture that u as a client have done from us. All products supplied and ordered from our well know manufacturers are from the finest quality available, and all fabric used by our manufacturers is from the best and universal fabric’s available.

Phantom office furniture are there to see that all offices are decorated with the finest products and are the most comfortable product there is. Phantom Office Furniture also conduct ourselves and our office furniture in all areas of Pretoria, Johannesburg with the surrounding suburbs in the Gauteng area’s, with furniture for all office use. Phantom office furniture do have the experience in major and non major contracts that phantom office furniture did completed in the past few years since 2005 – 2013 and upon date with all private clients / corporate clients and all government departments, with our office furniture. Office furniture is our game, we have a large variety of furniture for all office and office’s for you to choose from, to add new furniture to your office or to replace the exciting furniture in your office, that will suite your standards and your design or layout in your office with the furniture u want.

Office furniture can be done in any fabric color, design, shape, wood and color option on office furniture. Please consult with our office on all these options on our range of furniture and office furniture for all offices. Please make your selection from the our drop down menu’s under office chair, office couches/reception couches, typist chairs, budget office chairs, draughtsman chairs/industrial draughtsman chairs, wooden office chairs, netting office chairs, 24/7 office chairs, orthopedic office chairs, executive office chairs and lots more, here u can hunt and select all the furniture u will need for any office.

We do all custom designs on all office furniture as well, just send us your design and floor plans on how u will need the custom furniture and we will assist u,  all office furniture is from our well known office furniture manufactures with local content manufacturing, we also supply all office furniture for the Pretoria, Johannesburg and the Gauteng area’s.