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Largest range office furniture/office chairs

Office Furniture, Office Chairs from Phantom Office Furniture is supplied since 2005, a variety of furniture and chairs is available with 2 – 5 years warrantee, office furniture and office chairs also comes in a variety of designs and colors.

Office Furniture, Office Chairs comes in the following designs

Visitors chairs, mid back chairs, high back chairs, side chairs, hall chairs, ergonomically chairs, orthopedic chairs, 4×4 chairs, 24/7 chairs, reception chairs, reception couches, reception desks, reception counters, coffee tables, office desks, executive desks, executive couches, wall units, executive wall units, server units, boardroom desks, boardroom tables, conference desks, conference tables, cluster desks, call center desks, cluster desks, desk screens, desk dividers, floor screens, floor dividers, desk set,