Office Cabinets/Filling Cabinets

 15 ITEMS 



Office cabinets and filing cabinets is all cabinets and filing cabinets available for all office use where cabinets is necessary for all office filing that must be done, these cabinets and filing cabinets is available in standard futures or custom futures; custom futures on all office cabinets that is available on all cabinets for all offices is not limited only to what the picture or photo shows; it go’s be joint just the standard futures nl. desk top thickness is available in  16mm solid tops, wood texture of  office cabinets is available in melamine wood  in colours of oak – maple – beech – cherry – mahogany wood colours

Office cabinets and filing cabinets is the same cabinets, just with different meanings, filing cabinets do the same work as the office cabinets, both the filing cabinet comes in height of 1500 x 900 with 3 shelfs and 1800 x 900 on a 2 door hinged filing cabinet with 4 shelfs and 1500 x 1200 on a black or silver roller door filing cabinet with 3 shelfs, filling cabinets and office cabinets is the ideal filing cabinet to use for every day filing or to archive the old filing.