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Bulk Filers: Bulk Filers is part of all office filing systems, the inelegant filling solution for all offices with open floor space, Bulk Filers is ideal for any open space plan in a specific area available in any office environment these filers is  available in standard futures or custom futures on all Bulk Filers

Bulk filers comes in a unit that is movable on a base with filing compartments in units of 2 bay bulk filers,  3 bay bulk filers, 4 bay bulk filers, 5 bay bulk filers, 6 bay bulk filers, 7 bay bulk filers, 8 bay bulk filers, these is the standard bulk filers, the length depends on the total of movable filer compartments u add as on a 4 bay bulk filer the length will be  2420m with a standard width of 1100m and on a standard heigth of 2230m.

We can also customized the bulk filers in height up to 2500m with a single with we can do a double extension unit aswell or more on the bulk filers, it all depends on the width of your office space.

Then on the bulk filer systems there is also the components that can be added to these, please see attached pictures to see all of them. Bulk filers can also be done with standard white or grey powder coated steel or with laminated wood colors or with dimple effect with or with out fire cladding in the inside as well.