Mobile pedestals/Desk pedestals





Phantom office furniture is the lead supplier in all mobile-pedestals/desk-pedestals, mobile-pedestals/desk-pedestals Pretoria, mobile-pedestals/desk-pedestals Johannesburg, mobile-pedestals/desk-pedestals Gauteng, all these pedestals can be used in offices for all desks that wants to or require a mobile unit of drawers that can be moved around and under the office desk.

Mobile-pedestals/desk-pedestals are there for an open desk with out the fixed drawer pedestal or fix drawer pedestal or desk height pedestal that can take up space under the desk, mobile pedestals are there to make it easier, there for this mobile unit can be place anywhere around your desk or on the side of the desk, mobile pedestals run on mobile wheels, this makes this mobile pedestal so easy to use and maneuverable around the office or around your desk, mobile pedestal or pedestals comes in 1 pencil tray/ 2 drawers with a deep filer unit – 2 drawers with a deep filer – 3 drawers standard or 1 pencil tray with 3 drawer mobile pedestalдетские коляски 3 в 1продажа обмен недвижимостимедицинская справка 086-у цена наОХРАНА ДОМАbanc de binary delete account