Office Chairs




Office chairs for all office use, office’s needs chairs, office chairs is designed for different use for all office use, office chairs comes in standard futures or executive futures under our production designs, visitors chairs, mid back chairs, high back chairs

  1. Texas visitors chair, Texas mid back chair, Texas high back chair
  2. Venus visitors chair, Venus mid back chair, Venus high back chair
  3.  Dimension visitors chair, Dimension mid back chair, Dimension high back chair
  4. Voyager visitors chair, Voyager mid back chair, Voyager high back chair
  5. Seattle visitors chair, Seattle mid back chair, Seattle high back chair

these chairs can be custom made to your needs in your office. Office chairs is designed for 8 hour 5 day of the week use conditions for a standard 120kg max weight limit, all chairs that can be used in all or in your office is also designed for maximum support, there is also office chairs that is designed for the heavy persons as well that can take a weight limit between 130kg to 180kg weight limit max.

These chairs is designed for optimal conditions with all the support u need, office chairs also comes in orthopedic design and chiropractic design chairs as well where these chairs comes with lumber support and these office chairs lumber support can also be adjustable with or with out a seat slider pan on all these specific designed chairs, to hand u  all the comfort in your office as a office chair.

Ranges of these chairs for your office environment reception typist chairs, clerical chairs, executive chairs, director chairs, boardroom chairs,receptionist chairs, meeting room chairs, boardroom chairs, assistants chairs, PA chairs, guard room chairs, all these ranges of office-chair-s is available in visitors chairs, mid back chairs and high back chairs, all the office chairs will fit in nicely in any office that requires a chair, with our in house fabric ranges u can decorate your office chair to hand your office and you as person the style u need for your office chair.