Orthopedic Chairs



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These orthopedic office chairs get one orthopedic chair and Vulcan orthopedic chair is for a   24 / 7 working day environment, where operators is rotating every 6 – 8 hours, these orthopedic office chairs is specific designed to hand all the comfort to the legs – bud – lower back – middle back – upper back and the neck for all the burning sensations and stiffness with the long hour of sit. These orthopedic chairs is fully adjustable as mentioned in the upper case, to hand that all round comfort for a  24 / 7 working environment

As with all our chairs, the seat foam on all the  24/7  chairs is made from molded Polyurethane foam. Manufactured from our highly foam manufacturers and all seats will offer you great comfort and durability, during that 24 hour, 7 days a week. All  orthopedic  chairs are supplied with a standard gas height adjustment, 700mm base with twin casters and height adjustable arms with a frontal movable mechanism for depth seat adjustment. This allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the height of the chair to ensure an correct sitting posture. In line with the design of this  24/7  range, all components is standard on this chair, for the comfort required. Phantom Office Furniture is the lead supplier in  orthopedic chairs, orthopedic chairs Gauteng,  orthopedic  chairs Pretoria, orthopedic  chairs Johannesburg, orthopedic  chairs south Africa, orthopedic  chairs is the ultimate chair for offices.