Typist Chairs





Typist-chair-s is designed for the typist as the word say typist-chair-s, these chairs can be used in any office environment where any person requires a chair as indicated typist chair.

Typist-chair-s is the highly recommended chair in all office use and office environments, these chairs comes in all ranges, shapes and designs, typist-chair-s as mentioned above comes in standard manufactured fabric colors with their standard arm ranges and components, all other arm options and base options with other color fabric is all optional extra on all these chair ranges. Typist chairs can be done in all fabric colors as a full one standard fabric color or with a two toned color upholstery, in all colors available, all these optional extra’s must be stipulated when doing a quotation request from our wide range of typist chairs, chairs for your office can be manufactured to accommodate your office color scheme so that that specific chair or office chair can fit into your office or office environment with all the other furniture.