Cluster Desks




Cluster desks is available in standard futures or custom futures, custom futures on all cluster desks or core desks that is available on all desks for all offices and is not limited only to what the picture or photo shows; it go’s be joint just the standard futures nl. desk top thickness is available in 16mm or 32mm build up or 32mm solid tops, wood texture of office desks is available in melamine wood and veneer wood in colors of oak – maple – beech – cherry – mahogany wood colors

Cluster desks is available in 1-way-cluster/2-way-cluster/3-way-cluster/4-way-cluster/6-way-cluster desks and is the desks with a 32mm top and 16mm panel leg construction or with column centre leg or steel pole legs, cluster desks is the same as normal office desks, office desks comes in a 32mm top and either with a 16mm panel leg construction or a 32mm panel leg construction. Cluster desks can be used as clerical desks or as operator desks, the same with standard office desks, these desk is just been split in 2 section of office desks to cluster desks

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