Public seating



Public seating, is available in the following 1 seater, public seating-2 seater, public seating -3 seater, public seating-4 seater, public seating, 5 seater public seating, these seating is available to public in mild steel, chrome steel or stainless steel. Public seating Pretoria, public seating Johannesburg and public seating Gauteng is the supply area of phantom office furniture for all public seating. public seating-chairs is the ultimate seating chairs for all public area’s, airport area’s or offices area’s and lobby area use.

These public seating comes in a full steel frame construction, ( not for out door use ) with the options of non upholstered or upholstered seat and back, the public seating can be used in all open spaces at airports, waiting area’s for all public where you need allot of seating. .


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