Rickstacker chairs



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Phantom Office Furniture is the lead supplier in rickstacker chairs Gauteng, rick-stacker chairs Pretoria, rickstacker chairs Johannesburg. Rickstacker chairs is the ultimate chair for offices with small spaces, or area’s and offices that is used for more than one just office space, the word stacker tells it’s own tail, it is stackable and can be packed away by stacking them into one another, rickstackers is the only chairs that can be used in office area’s were a meeting for a few minutes must be held instead of using the board room, rick stackers can be un-stacked and be placed in a area where the chairs is needed, when finished, rick stacker chairs can be stack away  in a corner or in any cupboard or office by stacking these chairs in stack-able heaps of 10 on top of one anther rick stacker chairs  is the convenient way where space can be safed. Rickstacker chairs do come in chairs with no arms, with arms or no arm with a wooden writing tabloid or small table top that can be used for writing purposes for student or even to take notes in a meeting.

Rickerstacker chairs can be put in another class aswell what we call the banquite stacker, this banquite stacker is the same as the rickstacker chair, only with a oval or round large and higher backrest for the executive meeting areas.