Terms and Conditions

                                                        TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1. As a standard procedure for all orders placed, the quotation must be signed and returned by fax or email or not see paragraph 2.

2. Terms and conditions will become automatically acceptance of quote or order placement or 50% deposit or full amount with out the signage of the quote or order. Phantom office furniture do reserve the right to cancel or part of the order in any case what so ever, and can not be held liable in this case of cancellations by phantom office furniture.

3. All quotes handed telephonic, with out a proper quote handed, any deviations occur during a order placed by price phantom office furniture can not be held liable for telephonic quotes.

4. All quotes handed the customer must ensure that all quoted on is correct, any deviations occurs after delivery phantom office furniture can not be held responsible for any course what so ever.

 5. All items or furniture will be quoted on standard sizes and colors on all quote requests, if specific sizes and colors or wood finishes is not handed on a quote request or on a standard quote request form, or company letter head. Standard colors is oak melamine colors.



1. All quotes handed on standard office chairs will be handed with arms on the following:  LC 35 / LC 40 / LC 60 / LC 150  and standard  T arm, all typist chairs will be quoted with out arms as standard, all other arms is on request from client, all bases with wheels will be quoted on black 600mm base, all other base is on request from client, all fabric will be quoted on contract standard fabric as standard in black / blue or burgundy or where necessary on all color of leather look a like, all bonded leather or genuine leather must be indicated by customer.

2. Where applicable phantom office will quoted to pictures / photo’s on our website, that do appear as in section 1 above is shown.


3. All couches will be quoted on standard in leather look a like or our standard color of fabric ranges unless other wise stated by customer, or where the couch does only come only in black or burgundy leather, all couches will be quoted on legs shown in pictures either wood or steel legs.


4. All fabric as standard will be quoted on contract black / blue or burgundy fabric, or where necessary on leather look alike.

5. If any other fabric is required on a quote request the client must indicate to phantom office on the type and make of the fabric.


6. All of these will be quoted in and as standard in melamine wood finish of oak, beech, maple, cherry or mahogany colors, only where the picture is standard in veneer phantom office furniture will quote accordingly to veneer finish. The color can have a match or non match to the pictures or photo’s taken, all veneer colors older as 3 month’s will be difficult to match due to that veneer finishes, when done matures with the light and do get darker day by day. The same apply to melamine finishes, we can not guarantee u that the finish will be the same if u require the same after a few month’s, all board batches that is manufactured do differ in texture.


7. All prices is quote excluding 14% vat

8. Cash deposits will be to the customers account, all cheque  deposits will be accepted if cheque’s are direct deposit waiting for clearance on cheque’s will delay a  order and  orders will only be placed after the clearance of such cheque after 14 day’s, no order can or will be commenced before the time.

9. All electronic transfers is gladly accepted and orders will only be placed on the bank acknowledgement of such payment is been done, a proof of payment can be send through for proof of payment, orders will be placed if it is a direct payment ABSA to ABSA, all other bank authority’s will take 2 day’s.

10. All orders do require a 50% deposit, all orders will commence only on the 50% deposit received and no delivery can be done if the settlement of 50% is not payed in full, no delivery can commence, and all goods stay the property of Phantom office furniture until paid in full. Phantom office furniture will re sell all goods not settled in full in a period of 3 month’s, to cover the cost, the client will forfeit the deposit paid to phantom office furniture on order placement aswell.

11. All 30 day accounts will be handled with a 2.5% discount


12. Delivery’s will be chargeable accordingly to the quantity ordered and the distance of delivery. All areas in Pretoria or Johannesburg will be charged in accordance of R600 for 1 – 10 items, all other charges will be calculated at 5% of the order value incl vat for delivery and installation in surrounding areas of Pretoria or Johannesburg, all other areas will be charged on the standard transport rate to and through of the drive distance. All is also welcome to collect and do self installation as well, if our delivery charges is not acceptable.

13. Delivery’s and installations will be done on all floors, only in offices that is empty, all removals and disassemble of exciting  furniture will be  charged at R400 call out fee and there after R100 per hour, before phantom office furniture can do any new installations.

14. When phantom office furniture do arrange for delivery day, please ensure that all offices is empty and contact persons is available, if phantom office furniture must placed goods delivered in the company or organisations storage facility’s for a later date installation, phantom office furniture will recharge the customer for transport cost again to do installations, as above mentioned at section 13 hereof, all charges handed on the quote is for 1 day installation and delivery only or when otherwise stated by our office’s, the charges is not for unlimited to and throw or until all is done and correct till satisfaction of the client, we do only schedule for 1 specific day only, all extra days will be charged to the customer as extra call out fee.

15. Phantom office will accept all damages occurred during our transport or installation arrangements, only done by phantom office themselves or by a arranged courier delivery company on Phantom office furniture’s side to the client premises, phantom office furniture can not be held liable for any damages coursed by self delivery / installations or loss/es on what basis may arise on any self arrangements,  in such case the collector or customer must see that the damage or defective goods or items is brought back to Phantom office furniture on their cost, as for phantom office furniture did not deliver the goods, we will assist in the repairs of such damages coursed with all transport, repairs, labor and fixing costs to the customer own cost, other than by phantom office furniture or a 3 party of phantom office. After delivery of any items, and signature of the client, he/she agrees that all items delivered is inspected and defective of any damages, or if the products is not unwrapped and signed of without inspection for damages phantom office furniture do not accept any responsibility of such damages after delivery,  the following day or in any other day what so ever, after the delivery note is been signed. Phantom office can only assist and accept responsibility on delivery of goods when items is inspected before the delivery note is been signed, and all items is inspected before the drive leave’s the premises.


16. All products vary in production lead time, imported goods can be delivered in 5  – 6 working day’s, ( if stock availability is possible, as for these are imported goods container delays can happen ) phantom office can not be held liable for out of stock items that falls in the imported goods items range or what so ever, all other furniture, office chairs / office desks ex. locally manufactured will have a lead time of 3 – 4 weeks, melamine finishes included, all veneer finishes will be on a 5 – 6 weeks lead time. Even in the case of orders placed the lead time can differ from the original time frame handed, where the quantities is been increased or to big for the factory to do the order in a standard lead time, even strike’s and load shedding can affect standard production lead time.


17. All office chairs are guaranteed for a weight limit of max 120kg, our orthopedic, 4 x 4, 24/7 office chairs do provide for up to a weight limit of 140kg limit, and for a normal 5 working day 8 hour use only.

18. All furniture ( office chairs / office couches )  do have a 5 year Guarantee on poor workman ship or defective parts, on all office chairs the following do apply ( excl. non office furniture and imported furniture only have a 1 year guarantee )

A- re placement on parts/labor and transport is free for the first 12 month’s

( only in Pretoria / Johannesburg and surrounding area’s up to 100km radius ) outside these radius a transport fee will become applicable of R400, upto a another 60km, further than that a transport fee will be calculated.

B – 12 – 60 month’s replacement of parts is free, transport, labor, gas lifts and casters warrant expires, transport, labor ex. will be calculated in accordance of the distance of the customer.

C – Fabric do have a warrant as well, this is on the manufacturers there off, phantom office furniture do not have the warrant on this, phantom office furniture will discuss this problem with the fabric manufacturers them self.

D – The warrant does not cover normal wear and tear, miss use or vandalism or any incorrect use or cleaning what the case may be.

E – All out of town customers must use their own transport to ensure that phantom office can receive the defective goods, and also arrange transport for collection after repairs.

F – Phantom office furniture reserve the first right to repair any faulty goods before any replacements or exchange can occur.

G –  After delivery or installation and signage of the said goods received, delivered and installed, phantom office furniture can not be held liable for any after complaints for any damages.

H – This warrant will expire immediately if any misuse on the goods in any why what so ever.

I – All defects or related problems please take pictures and send to us by email pofurniture@telkomsa.net these photo’s or pictures of the problems will be sent to the factory thereof for their evaluation and to assist with the problems and defects of such.


19. Any changes to orders must be done in 2 consecutive day’s after order placement, and confirmed in writing and re fax to our offices 086 515 6864 or emailed to phantomoffice@telkomsa.net, or on the 50% deposit paid all quotes are accepted as a full accepted order.

20. Order cancellation after 2 consecutive day’s can not be accepted, if to do so the 50% deposit will be forfeited, due to that it will already be in production and deposit will be used to cover all of the expenses made by the factory. If a order is done, and arrangements made for collections or delivery, and such final payments can not be made, the order will be placed in storage with a R350 per week charge untill such final payment can be made and all extra expenses settled in full before delivery will be made.

20a. Any discrepancy’s on the order regarding delivery lead times is strictly the customers responsibility to inform their client ( applicable to supplier to client to the 3rd party only ) their customer, at all times as per the quote handed as a standard lead time manufacturing, no earlier lead time can be done from any manufacture.

21. Any order cancellations before the 2 consecutive day’s a cancellation and admin charge will be charge of  10%.

ALL OF THE ABOVE IS AGREED UPON ON THE ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER, 50% DEPOSIT PAID AFTER OR IN OR BEFORE 2 CONSECUTIVE DAY’S, IN ANY WHY WHAT SO EVER BY THE CLIENT..гаечные ключи купитьсправка 095фиатвидеорегистратор 7000Флюорографияпродвинуть сайт в топ